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book catalogue software

Are you a book lover? Even though e-readers may make your collection more mobile, nothing beats the feeling of a great book in your hands. If you have an extensive collection it’s probably time you try and take inventory. What if you could have a searchable index of your book collection so you can choose reading material wisely and don’t double up on your inventory by accident? What if you could categorize by author, title and genre? You can. Book catalogue software is here for you. Here are a few of the most popular choices amongst book nerds worldwide.


The book catalogue software Readerware is a downloadable program that serves as an easy and fast way to get organized. Use Readerware to scan barcodes, or enter ISBN’s and let the program pull all of the metadata about your book into the catalog. Not only does it merge information from multiple websites giving you the most comprehensive listing, it includes a drag and drop feature that make it super easy to add books to your database as you browse the web.

If you don’t own a barcode reader – that’s okay – with the help of your smartphone you can download an app that scans your books and then you can immediately upload them to your Readerware catalogue. If you don’t own a smartphone, get a free barcode scanner when you order three products from the Readerware website. While books are their focus other types of media are also supported. Start today with a free trial and then purchase for only $40.


If you’re an avid book collector or reader you’ve probably run into the website Goodreads. It’s a social site that gives book nerds a platform to connect, discuss and share. It also has a function that allows users to create “shelves”. These shelves can be to read, currently reading, or read. You can also create custom shelves like I own to act as a makeshift catalog. Import or export existing libraries, search for duplicate within your database, peruse recommendations and even look at personal book stats! Goodreads is a lot like social media for book nerds which makes it double up as an accessible book catalogue and a great place to discover, learn and reflect. Becoming a member on the site is free.


Librarything is a little less Facebook-y and a little more catalogue oriented. Librarything has a similar user interface as Goodreads but does a better job as book catalogue software. Librarything has an international community of over 2 million supporting a couple dozen languages. It has a lend-a-book option, allows users to act on early releases and dubs itself a library quality cataloguing site. With over 1051 libraries to catalog your personal library from, including the Library of Congress, you shouldn’t have a problem finding even the most unique of book here. Librarything is free for the first 30 days and then it’s $10 a year. A small price to pay for access to the one of the webs best book catalogue software.

Book Catalogue App

If you want to catalogue on the go, download the Book Catalogue app for Android, iOs or your Windows phone. This makes adding books to your library easier than ever before. Go to the bookstore and scan books you want to buy in the future, check books you see on clearance racks with the ones you have at home to avoid duplicates, complete a collection or discover a new author. You can sort your books by title, author or genre; use the ISBN or barcode to upload; and integrate with Goodreads if you’re a user. Create bookshelves and let the app search for your book information on sites like Amazon, Google Books and Librarythings. Book Catalogue is an open source app which means it’s absolutely free to use! Take your entire library with you wherever you go.


Libib is a combination of a website library like Goodreads and an app like Book Catalogue. It’s a cloud based platform that serves as a comprehensive book database. The software is designed to be incredibly user friendly – taking much of it’s design from the ever popular iTunes with a left navigation panel and thumbnails to easily identify books in your collection. No matter what device you’re on this library management system is optimized, full of detail and easy to use. Libib is perfect for the small book collector or lifelong collector with over 100,000 books!

Create up to 100 different shelves, let Libib automatically update all of the information for each of your books and socialize with fellow book nerds. Libib also doubles as a movie and music library system as well. Check out your stats from day one of cataloguing, export or import information and quickly scan your books to update your database.

No matter which choice you opt for – you’re back is covered. Let the book collecting commence with peace of mind and ultimate organization to boot.


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