Free Online Catalog Maker: 5 Services to Try

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Before discussing the free options available for catalog makers online it’s important to note the impact such a service can have on your business. Everyone loves free stuff – and rightfully so – but sometimes the saying is right: you get what you pay for. A free service is going to limit the amount you can do with your catalog but at least you’ll have a catalog. Prioritize your unique business needs, do you want to gain more visibility? Are you trying to increase your profits next quarter? Are you just doing market research? Once you know why you need to use a free online catalog maker you’ll be able to determine whether or not the cost associated with a more involved service is worth it or not.

Here are completely free catalog maker services followed by online catalog makers that offer free trials.

Completely free online catalog maker software:


Yumpu is an up and coming digital publishing tool provider. They make it easy for someone who has no experience to create a polished catalog with flipbook effects in just a few minutes. If you already have a PDF catalog then you’re in luck. Go to the site, upload it and watch it be transformed before your eyes. Of course you’ll have to make modifications once Yumpu converts it but half the battle is already over. Yumpu features include: SEO catalogs, embedding code for integrating the catalog to your website, unlimited catalog creation, and download options for offline viewing. As for a free tool – this one isn’t so bad. Simple and to the point.

Catalog Creator

Cat Creator (as it’s also known as) is another free online catalog maker available to online stores, retailers, and wholesalers. Choose from a variety of templates and toggle between a data-heavy inventory view and an easier thumbnail based view of your products. You can import XLS inventory files (which is awesome) and you can upload an unlimited amount of products to the catalog for print, integration into your site or to burn onto a CD or thumb drive. There aren’t a whole lot of other redeemable features but if you are look for something straightforward then this is the program for you.


Known mostly for its flipbook creating programs, PubHTML5 has arguably the best free online catalog maker available. With this service create a fully interactive catalog for your customers to engage with by embedding video and audio clips, include live links to social media or purchase information and utilize the animation editor to cohesively time added rich features. Browse through the different templates to make your catalog inline with your company brand and then export it to a zip file to share on your site or through your email list. PubHTML5 also offers PDF conversion to cut out entering product information which is time consuming.

You can also add Google Analytics, add password protection and employ the fun “page flipping” effect that PubHTML5 is known for. If you want access to more features you can go premium.

Free trial:


Onsight is an app that works across Android, Windows and iOs systems unlike the software or onsite free options above. Onsight acts more like a mobile sales manager than just a catalog maker. The catalog has a professional and sleek design, can hold thousands of products, has a simple touch interface and automatically syncs with third-party software for current inventory records. The app gives users the option to convert a print catalog to digital format with the click of a button, and it’s optimized so the search engines can locate you easily. What makes it different than the free options?

Users can create quotes from within the app, process payments, record client information, and show product demos while in the office or on the road. Track your sales team on the job with catalog integrated GPS software. Onsight is free for one whole year for one user and then starts at $15/mo thereafter.


Pepperi is like the king of all digital catalog makers. They provide more features than almost any other service around from multi-media product attachments, to full back-end integration. Fully customize the catalog display; filter the catalog by price, order number, quantity or product type; search easily, process orders from the catalog itself, upsell items to increase cart value, and rest assured that your catalog is optimized using the best SEO practices and is responsive. Pepperi works for both the sales team and the customer, giving the customer full control over what they see and how they see it while giving your sales force the edge the need to increase sales (like having a favorites tab to quickly engage customers and the ability to see purchase history to tailor the experience).

Pepperi guarantees you will start seeing sales go up within two weeks and that you’ll cut your errors in half. Try it free for 14-days then upgrade to one of three options starting at $48/month.

While there are clear benefits to paying for a catalog maker – if the budget is tight it’s still possible to get a functional and professional free online catalog maker to work for you and your business goals.

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