6 People Who Should Use E Catalog Software

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Digital catalog software can make your life a lot easier in a lot of ways. It doesn’t matter if you collect cars or auction them off, run a business online or have a retail store; or consider yourself a savvy crafter – e catalog software can change the way you operate.


Collecting things is fun and can sometimes be a valuable pastime. Do you have a large and rare collection of baseball cards? What about coins, or stamps? Do you collect books or vinyls? Maybe you collect antiques or PEZ dispensers – it really doesn’t matter. Chances are at some point you’ve probably stopped to think, do I have [fill-in-the-blank] yet? Or, how many movie posters do I have now? Aside from just wanting to know the extent of your collection, you may want to digitize your items for categorizing, filling in details as you get them or for record keeping. Insurance companies will often ask for a list of the things you would like to insure – using e catalog software could be a great way to give them the information. You can also use your catalog to send away for an appraisal. If you’re a collector of media related items check out a friendly cloud based catalog called Libib. For other collection types check out Recollector, CollectorZ, or Primasoft.


While auctioneers differ from collectors, the principal of cataloging items stays the same. If you run an auction or seek out items to auction off frequently it could be incredibly useful for you to keep track of what you have, when you got it, if it was appraised, when it sold, amongst other things. Of course you can rely on simple spreadsheets like Excel or create a database in Access, but what if you could enter your auction worthy belongings into a modern, easy-to-update and mobile platform? Check out Capterra as your next business solution.


As a retailer it’s important that you do two things, one: show off your products so you can sell them; and two, give your sales team the backbone they need to sell your product. How can e catalog software accomplish this? First, everyone is on the Internet, which means everyone is seeking information, finding products, narrowing down their likes and dislikes and moving through the sales funnel all by themselves. Create a digital catalog by season, promotion or a new line of products, or create a comprehensive catalog to show off your whole inventory to win the hearts of shoppers. Secondly, if you have a shop and you’ve got people on the sales floor, wouldn’t it be great to equip them with an interactive catalog that not only shows off items that may or may not be currently in the store, but to demonstrate the products in action with embedded videos. An e catalog will cut down on costs, reduce your carbon footprint (save that rainforest) and will give you greater global reach.

Online Businesses

Unlike a retailer, an online business is, well, online. There are a few benefits to having an online business, one of those things is reduced overhead. You don’t have to pay store-front rent, you may not even have to pay employees depending on how big the business is. While all of these things are great, the one downfall is you cannot generate organic traffic by just being somewhere. No one is going to walk by your window display and feel inspired to walk through the door. Instead, this window-shopper is going to go catalog-shopping and needs to feel just as wowed and excited about your products as they would have had they seen, felt, smelled, or heard it. Use an e catalog to define your brand, to make shoppers want to be your customer and not your competitors. Hire a designer to help you or use one of the awesome digital catalog software programs online like Salsify or Ceros to get you started.


Do you like to sew? What about embroider? Are you a DIY sucker? How organized are your patterns and designs? Upload all of them into an e catalog, name them appropriately and categorize them you’ll never spend an hour searching for something that you just know is somewhere. There are actually a few digital cataloging programs that cater to seamstress’, knitters and embroiderers: Catalog Xpress, BuzzXplore and Catalogit!


Like someone who does a lot of crafting, a chef or avid cook may be inundated with paper recipes. Talk about having a headache trying to find a recipe you cut out of the New York Times six months ago, much less trying to match a craving to a pile of recipes you have in the kitchen corner. Digitally catalog all of them so you can index them easily, tweak the recipe if you found your oven cooks a bit different than the directions indicate, and best of all have them in a centralized location that fits on a thumb drive. Again, there are of course sites that accommodate this kind activity but one thing they cannot provide is access your recipes offline – no matter where you are. Check out BigOven, ChefTap, or Evernote Food to get started with your recipe e catalog.

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