How Digital Catalog Software Can Help You Get Life Organized

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that we are quickly moving into a paperless society. Across the board paper is being replaced with it’s digital counterpart; bills, important documents and shopping catalogs alike are delivered digitally to benefit the customer and the sender too. Digital catalog software is traditionally used as a digital publishing agent, a way for companies to market their products more effectively to a larger audience (while cutting down on costs and expenses). You know, like the colorful print catalogs you receive in the mail from your favorite businesses.

But what if us lay-people could utilize a similar platform to organize our everyday lives? We can. Go digital and eliminate the piles of paper on your desk, the binders full of clippings of your favorite recipes or DIY projects, and get ready to simplify your life – business or not. Here are a couple of ways in which you can incorporate digital catalog software into your day-to-day.


Get ready to organize it all. Do you like to cook? Even if you don’t you probably have a stockpile of recipes somewhere that you turn to when you need some inspiration. Digital catalog software allows you to upload images of your recipes, to name them and categorize them making it even easier to locate a meal to meet your shifting cravings.

Do you sew or embroider? Keeping track of a gazillion patterns can be cumbersome and cut down on the time you get to spend actually crafting. Use digital catalog software like Catalog Xpress to resize your patterns to fit your hoop, to organize designs by name and category, or to colorize and modify existing designs.

Valuable Items Records and Collections

Unfortunately, life happens. It’s our hope that we will never experience a natural disaster or be the victim of theft but it’s always better to be prepared. If you have valuable possessions it’d be wise to catalog them all for your records. Use digital catalog software like Collectify to take inventory of all of the items you would like to submit to your insurance for coverage. Having a digital catalog makes it easy to email the file over to your agent, and to keep a copy for yourself. You can even send it off to an appraiser to get an idea of what your items are worth.

If you are a collector of antique items, coins, baseball cards or any other collectibles it’s highly advisable you create a catalog as well.

Pictures and Videos

Are you a photographer or videographer? If you haven’t taken advantage of Adobe’s Lightroom yet – you should. It’s the ultimate digital catalog software for the artist. It allows you to categorize photos to the most minute degree, labeling with a star and a color system, keyword tagging, unique collection development all with in-house developer functions. Never worry about trying to hunt down that photo from your family vacation in 2011. Upload photos and videos directly into the software, bulk label them and then retrieve them with a simple search. The best part? Lightroom doesn’t actually store your photos in the database – it stores only the photo information so you don’t have to use a terrabyte of hard drive space to store your entire catalog.

Music Library

The radio is fine and all, but there is nothing like putting on your favorite album or digging up a song from high-school to relive the glory days. Nowadays music seems to be primarily in digital form which is a good thing for accessibility but it can be a bad thing for organization. Programs like Windows Media Player and iTunes offer music cataloging services that make it easy to locate and play your favorite songs. These programs can also search your computer to find files that may have slipped into your computer wasteland, ensuring that you always have access to your tunes. Convert vinyls and CD’s to digital formats and catalog them as well for the most comprehensive music library available.

Digital catalog software opens up a whole new host of opportunities for businesses and individuals. If you’re a business and would like to see the ways that digital cataloging can increase your profits check out the benefits of using product catalog software.



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