The 4 Best E-Catalog Software Options for Small Businesses

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Small businesses make up a massive portion of the world economy. They are the mom and pop shops that sell killer sandwiches to locals, or the arts and craft store run by two sisters, or a digital marketing agency that employs a dozen people to win Google’s heart. According to the Small Business Administration in the United States, a small business is considered any company with under 500 employees. There are also some stipulations about net worth, profits, assets and the like. The European Union classifies small business as an organization with under just fifteen employees. E-catalog software can benefit all small business maximize profits without spending more money.

Just because you have fewer employees doesn’t mean you have fewer products. Monetize the Internet for your benefit by creating an digital catalog to show off all of your products. Not only will this drive more traffic to your site and store, it can be the difference between a lead and a customer. There is a lot of software floating around on the web dedicated to designing e-catalogs but a lot of them are catered to big corporations with thousands of products. You may not need (or be able to afford) all the bells and whistles that these catalogs offer. So, which e-catalog software should you consider?



Half the battle of sales is getting the customer to just pay attention. Think about it, we live in a day and age where we’re constantly bombarded with information. We get online and someone wants to sell us something no matter where we look. What if you could stand out from the rest? Utilize e-catalog software that not only presents your products in a clean and enticing way, but that allows your sales team (or you) to showcase your products through videos, tutorials and demonstrations to be even more persuading without seeming too pushy. Kitaboo offers seamless digital publishing options and their e-catalog + is certainly one to check out. It works across all platforms, records and analyzes data and can be created right from an existing PDF catalog.

2. Colibri Catalog

The Colibri Catalog maker is a feature of FileMaker 14 – an Apple subsidiary. It’s friendly interface (what Apple product doesn’t have an awesome UI?) and its mobile accessibility makes this e-catalog software a fantastic choice for any small business owner on the go. Don’t have a catalog yet? That’s fine, upload pictures and pricing information for each product and then immediately export the file as a PDF to customers. Colibri offers the kind of flexibility that you need to maximize your time and money. Download the app for free on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to start using today.

3. Actinic

Actinic is a European e-commerce slam dunk. It focuses on providing online shopping solutions for small to medium sized business with features like marketing, analytics, shop design, search engine optimization and of course, product catalog creation. You can organize an unlimited amount of products by color, size, availability, product code and more. Incorporate filters in the sidebar so customers can narrow down exactly what it is their looking for; appeal to an international audience with translation services integrated and do it all from your desktop, mobile or tablet. Try it free for 15 days without commitment.

4. Zithas

Already have a product catalog in print? Time to digitize it. Small businesses need to seek out every avenue possible to bring in and maintain a customer base, right? It’s important that the people who are looking for you can find you and better yet have easy access to your inventory. Zithas is a digital marketing firm that will transform your pre-existing product catalog into an awesome digital format with their in-house e-catalog software. Provide your customers with easy navigation, social media integration and a catalog that they can take with them anywhere they go.

Small businesses need to capitalize on every opportunity available to them in the digital world, yet so often they fall short of using key tools that could maximize their profits and visibility. Don’t let money slip through the cracks. Download the e-catalog software of your choice and get busy developing your own awesome digital catalog to enhance your customer’s shopping experience.


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