The Benefits of Using Product Catalog Software

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You’re probably familiar with the concept of a product catalog – a booklet that showcases all of your products or services for sale to the customer. In the pre-digital revolution days product catalogs were pretty straightforward, you took pictures of your products, assigned them a price, whipped up a product description and sent it off to the print design agency where they would compile it into a nice layout marketable to your target audience. You didn’t need product catalog software.

In the midst of the digital revolution there are still catalogs but creating them has become even easier and the need for one has become even greater. One of the most important marketing efforts your company should consider is turning that old paper catalog into an electronic catalog, or e-catalog. Luckily, there is software available that will take your pre-existing catalog and convert it to a digital format. If you are catalog-less then calling upon a product catalog software provider is something you should definitely consider. Not convinced? Let’s explore why this is a wise business solution for any company trying to increase their profits.


Customers want convenience and accessibility. Over 69% of people shop online at least once a month. Customers want to know that whenever they are in the mood they can jump on your website, visit the online shop and purchase whatever their heart desires. Well, what if you don’t have an online shop? What if you don’t have well-designed catalog that highlights your products? The customer may choose to go elsewhere which is the antithesis of what you as a business owner wants.

Make it easy for your customers to find your products, learn about them and then order them – all in the same place. You can even use flipbook software to create realistic catalogs that have a page turning effect and embedded call-to-actions, links to your social media account and even videos to demonstrate your products in action.

Global Reach

Our world is growing smaller and smaller. People in a remote village in Indonesia now have the possibility to connect to the rest of the world via the Internet. This means that your audience is bigger than the region you operate in, it’s bigger than the country you operate in. Grow your audience exponentially by using product catalog software to design an enticing display for whoever lands on your page.

The global market is a great asset for you as a business owner, but it’s also a great asset for all of your competitors. Do something to stand out, go against the grain and give people a reason to choose you over other similar companies. Product catalogs give you the avenue you need to create a winning first impression. Reach a larger audience in a more profitable way.

Search Engine Optimization

Ever heard of SEO? It’s a tactic that marketing agencies use to increase visibility on the major search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines send out web crawlers (also known as spiders) to crawl websites for information. The information collected goes into a database and is accessed by complex algorithms to pull up relevant information when a certain keyword is searched. If you are a clothing retailer that specializes in women’s active wear, you want to make sure that your site and content is optimized so the search engines know where to find you (thereby increasing your online presence). When you use product catalog software like Salsify your inventory is automatically optimized giving you a better chance of being found.


In addition to all, optimization, reaching a global audience and providing accessibility; you can now track all of this movement from within your catalog! See how many people browse your products every day, week, month or year. See how unique call-to-actions are received by your audience and then modify them to serve you better. Identify trouble spots and hot spots within your product catalog so you can ensure your customers are finding what they need, when they need it. Gaining comprehensive insight into your business success will only improve your customer retention, increase your competitive advantage and thereby, increase profits.

Still not convinced? A lot of product catalog software companies like Pepperi and Ceros provide free-trials. This means your newest and possibly most profitable business solution is low risk and who doesn’t love the sound of that?

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